Arm(enian)(Comm) Wants YOU!

With an estimated 10 million Armenians scattered around the globe, we thought it would be grand for us to finally feel like one big community. We thought it was especially significant and symbolical with the 100th anniversary of Armenian Genocide upon us in 2015. Who knows how many "new Armenias" this will create to make Saroyan's spirit smile ...

While we plan to add many great features as the number of ARMUNITY users grows, we thought we'd start with solving a few practical issues related to Armenians creating and attending Armenian events (ANYWHERE in the world):

Simplify finding Armenian events locally and anywhere else you may be visiting. 1) Choose your location and 2) Sort events by either date or nearest location. By default, every week you will receive a preview of upcoming events within a 25-mile radius.

Simplify planning Armenian events and minimize schedule conflicts with other events in your area. Many organizers realize too late that they scheduled their event too close or even on the same night with another event in the area. We thought it’d be much easier for everyone if organizers pencil in their events to ARMUNITY calendar even if they haven't figured out all event details (TBD) along with their contact info and enough information for a save-the-date.

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LKL, ArmUnity Team