Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Armenian Programs

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Friday, February 23, 2018, 5:00 PM - Friday, February 23, 8:00 PM

Dear Armenians, I am inviting you to watch together "The Ordinary Genocide 1988 Sumgait" documentary within the 30th anniversary of Artsakh Liberation Movement and Commemoration of Baku/Sumgait Pogroms. The Sumgait pogrom was a pogrom that targeted the Armenian population of Sumgait town in Soviet Azerbaijan during February 1988. On February 27, 1988, mobs made up largely of ethnic Azeris formed into groups that went on to attack and kill Armenians both on the streets and in their apartments; widespread looting and a general lack of concern from police officers allowed the situation to worsen. The violence in Sumgait was unprecedented in scope in the Soviet Union and received heavy coverage in the Western media. A number of international and Soviet sources described the events as genocide of the Armenian population. The space is limited, the first 15 registered people will get tickets to participate. Please send me a message and verify your participation. You are welcome to bring refreshments/food to share with the event participants. Special thanks to Larisa Dallakyan to allowing us to use their Amenities Center for this special purpose.

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